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Articles about my return to my first fantasy game, Warhammer Fantasy Battle.
The Grande Review: A four part review of the factions and forces of Warhammer Fantasy Battle, 3rd Edition. Go here for Part I, Part II, Part III and Part IV.
The Border Fortress: Using the Mighty Fortress set with Warhammer Fantasy Battle.
Dynamic Combat in Warhammer: Making combat more dynamic and interesting in Warhammer Fantasy Battle.
Designing a Battlefield: Advice for designing an evocative and storied battlefield.
Alcoholism in Warhammer Fantasy Battle: New rules for Warhammer Fantasy Battle.
Unsaved Wounds by Edition: Lethality Creep in Warhammer: A comparative review of each edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battle, by combat lethality.

A collection or articles with house rules and advice for running an old-school Dungeons & Dragons game.
The Classic Experience: Interpreting dice and narrative friction. A basic primer for my discussions on play.
Say No or Force Them to Make a Saving Throw Versus Death: Wherein I argue that Original Dungeons & Dragons had no narrator (neither player nor referee), but rather narration that was driven by the confused friction of acting upon partial knowledge, and then having to interpret those results.
The Money-Changers of Minaria: New rules for Medieval-Fantasy banking, treasure and wealth.
The Old-School Party: New rules and advice for achieving the right feel for an old-school party.
Every Fighting-Man is Unique: New rules for making Original Dungeons & Dragons classes a little more personalized and unique.
Player-Facing Initiative: New rules for dynamic, narrative-driven combat initiative.

Articles on how to use Chainmail with Original Dungeons & Dragons, plus other optional rules.
OD&D Pacing: An introduction to the differences between using Chainmail and the rules found in later versions of Dungeons & Dragons. A basic primer to my discussion of Chainmail.
Understanding Man-to-Man Combat: Man-to-man combat rules for Chainmail.
Man-to-Man Combat: An Example: An example of man-to-man combat rules for Chainmail in action.
Fantastic Combat: Fantastic combat rules for Chainmail.
Fantastic Combat: An Example: An example of the fantastic combat rules for Chainmail in action.
Chainmail Combat, a Redux: A glossary of terms for using Chainmail with Original Dungeons & Dragons.
The Sage: A new class for Original Dungeons & Dragons using Chainmail.
The Rogue: A new class for Original Dungeons & Dragons using Chainmail.
The Wanderer: A new class for Original Dungeons & Dragons using Chainmail.
HOUSE RULE: Simple Attack Rolls: New rules for simplified attack rolls with Chainmail.
HOUSE RULE: Simple Saving Throws: New rules for simplified saving throws with Chainmail.
HOUSE RULE: Mighty Thews: New rules for becoming more powerful through experience.
Height, Weight and Plate Armour: New rules for generating character height and weight for customized plate armour in Original Dungeons & Dragons.
Spears & Swords in Chainmail: New rules for under-appreciated arms.
On Shields, Helmets and Mail: New rules for under-appreciated armours.
The Mmmmmm! System: New rules for ordering combat rounds.

Some notes about creating quick and easy dungeons.
Dungeon Mono-Tables: New rules for quickly generating dungeon factions and encounters.
Micro-Megadungeons: New rules for generating compact, self-contained mini-dungeons.

Collected advice and observations about old-school campaign settings.
Yggsburgh: The Ur-Setting: An introduction to the sandbox campaign, focusing on Gary Gygax's final setting, Yggsburgh.
Reavers from the Wastelands: A geographic and population survey of the Outdoor Survival game board for Original Dungeons & Dragons, revealing the nomadic spirit at the core of the implied setting.
Monstrous: On making monsters mysterious.
On the Origin of Species: On monster cosmologies.
Cosmic Alignment: On giving alignments cosmic significance.
Transoxania: An example of using a historical setting for inspiration.

Reviews and in-depth looks at products that I have enjoyed.
REVIEW: Advanced Edition Companion: The first review and first article ever on this blog!
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: A short ode in praise of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.
Crawling Back: My review of the Dungeon Crawl Classics Roleplaying Game.
Admiring the DCC Warrior: A closer look at the Dungeon Crawl Classics Warrior class.
Review: Sailors of the Starless Sea: My review of the first adventure for the Dungeon Crawl Classics Roleplaying Game.
SUPER OD&D: A closer look at the Dungeon Crawl Classics Roleplaying Game, comparing it to Original Dungeons & Dragons.

A collection of gifts for you, dear reader.
Minaria Map: My "high resolution" version of the map from the Divine Right board game, stitched together carefully from scans of the actual board.
Referee Screen: A three-panel referee screen for using Chainmail with Original Dungeons & Dragons.
One Page Dungeon Template: My version of Micheal “Chgowiz” Shorten's one page dungeon template.
Questers into the Unknown: The second version of Questers into the Unknown, based off of Vincent Baker's Apocalypse World.
My Variant of Searchers of the Unknown: The first version of Questers into the Unknown.
Magic in Questers: Using magic in Questers into the Unknown.
Return to Castle Frobozz: A partial fragment of a lost campaign. Go here for Part I.

Containing articles relating to mapless and conceptual campaign settings. These are highly theoretical subjects, influenced greatly by new-styles of story gaming, for which I have not quite made up my mind yet. I maintain them here in the archives for posterity.
What is a Setting?: On the differences between geographic and conceptual mapping of fantasy settings. A short, basic primer for my other discussions of settings.
Going Mapless: On conceptual mapping of a setting.
Worldsmiths: On using fronts and adventure starters to create a mapless setting.
Dwimmermount: Comparing traditional mapped settings to mapless, conceptual settings.
Bonded to the World: New rules for setting exploration goals and earning experience.

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