Sunday, March 21, 2010

HOUSE RULE: Simple Saving Throws

Along with the Simple Attack rolls, here is a quick way to use two dice to resolve Saving Throws that doesn't require looking up a table.  These values are largely in line with the Original Dungeons & Dragons chances of rolling a successful saving throw, although small bonuses like +1 are obviously much more important now.

Roll two dice to avoid the full effect of a weapon. After every three levels for Fighting-Men, each Saving Throw improves by one (and after every four levels for Clerics and after every five levels for Magic-Users).

BreathPoisonPetrify or
ClassAttacksor DeathParalyzeWandsSpells


  1. Why not just get rid of the chart and use one number for simplicity like... 9 and make modifiers according to the type of saving throw 'attack' they are (ala S&W?

  2. I like Swords & Wizardry very much, but I have two complaints about that system. Firstly, it's somewhat a false positive, since you have to remember class bonuses to certain saves anyway. Secondly, I like how having the five saves written on the sheet actually guides play. Referees have to make their game world work with the system instead of vice versa, meaning you have to be creative within the restricted space of game mechanics. For example, when something outré happens to a hero, the referee has to force it into the five save paradigm (maybe the character will test Breath Attacks to get out of the way of the falling portcullis in time, as both tests are mainly about reflexes). The restrictions help reinforce a certain game world, in my view.



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