Friday, July 2, 2010

The Wanderer

Another optional character class for pulp swords & sorcery games, I present the wanderer.

Wanderers: Considered dangerous savages by society, wanderers hail from the utter ends of the world. These wild men have shunned the ways of civilization for the laws of the wilderness, and have learned how to survive on their own. Relying on their own prowess, wanderers are mistrustful of sorcery and may only use one magical item at a time. They may use any weaponry, but are limited from wearing armour heavier than chain mail. Due to the raw fury of their attack, wanderers gain a bonus to all damage they inflict equal to half their level rounded up. Otherwise, wanderers fight, save and require the same number of experience points for each level as fighting-men do. Wanderers have a superior ability to traverse natural obstacles, navigate difficult terrain, track enemies and survive in the wilderness.

Dice for Acc Fighting
Wanderers umulated Hits Capability
Nomad 1 + 1 Man + 1
Wild Man 2 2 Men + 1
Roamer 3 3 Men or Hero - 1
Ranger 4 Hero
Outlaw 5 + 1 Hero + 1 or 5 Men
Marauder 6 Hero + 1 or 6 Men
Outlander 7 + 1 Superhero - 1
Wanderer 8 + 2 Superhero
Barbarian King 9 + 3 Superhero + 1
Barbarian King, 10th Level 10 + 1 Superhero + 1



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