Thursday, May 30, 2013

Labyrinth Lord Character Sheet

A quick update, I have created a completely derivative Labyrinth Lord character record sheet, which can be found here. Many thanks to Mike from Fear No Darkness for the original design (which merges the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Colouring Album with the original Basic D&D character sheet). My sole contribution to this excellent sheet is to replace the low-resolution images with vectors (years in the printing industry has made me a pixel snob), as well as to remove some extra information on the reverse of the sheet and to add another doodle from the colouring book. I've slapped the Labyrinth Lord moniker on top of the first page in preparation for an upcoming campaign, but this could be easily modified if you are playing the original game.


  1. Always like me a good character sheet, nicely done!

  2. I had a version of exactly the same thing on the Red Box Niagara wiki for years.

  3. Very nice character sheet. Lots of nice white space for notes. No character sheet should be longer than this!

  4. Nice border. Is the sheet on a CC license? Can I use it for Dungeon World movement cards?



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